Ken Bourke’s 7 day trip to the Swains Reef - 24th July – 3rd August 2013

The trip was fantastic as was the one we went on last year. The weather probably not as good but the fishing just as good, which is why we are there after all.

I must however compliment the crew on the boat. Greg, Kane, Josh and Swerve were fantastic. Greg’s knowledge of the sea and of fishing is second to none in my experience, Kane and Josh just couldn’t help each of us enough and Swerve’s cooking and companionship was also great. No-one that was on our trip has said anything negative about it but we have had plenty of good things said in the post mortem.

In particular, since I was the fool that injured myself by dropping a fish on my leg (do you believe it), I must thank the crew for helping me out in that circumstance. They simply dropped everything and made sure that the correct action was taken and as a result I have had no problem at all with the leg apart from leaving a few scars of course, which is not a bad thing because I told everyone I was bitten by a shark and have got a fair bit of mileage out of it.

Anyway, thanks again for the trip. We intend to be in touch with you about another trip next year so I will do some work on getting a team together.

Ken Bourke